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This unique set of 12 instructional videos will help you learn balkan-style songs from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Greece, Turkey, Romamania, Bulgaria. Video lessons are made for guitar players of all levels who want to improve their technique and style, and exapand their musical knowledge. All examples are performed in full speed and then slowly, piece by piece, so you can easily see which notes and thrills are performed! Besides, you will learn many solos, licks and improvisations, harmonies, rhythms(rumba, estam, sa-sa...), you will see who to play different kinds of thrills, chords etc. Total length of this 12-videos set is more than 10 hours, and you can buy it at price of 49$!

Đurđevdan kolo, Romska dvojka, Devojački spomenar, Šabačko kolo, Bibljak kolo, Bojanovo kolo, Stani stani Ibar vodo, Meraklijska šetnja, Petrova igra...

22 ethno songs played at full speed and slowly!

40 licks, solos andimprovisations!

Over 10 hours of video material!

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Guitar lesson 1:

Ankino kolo - Boban Milosevic, Balkanski vatromet - Z Starcevic, Beljinski izvor - Z Starcevic, Bojanovo kolo, Boketova enigma - Ljubisa Belkic, Bugarsko kolo - Sasa Petrovic

Guitar lesson 2:

Cacak, Cardas - Cigani Ivanovici, Cetvrtak kolo, Cocek , Cocek 2, Cocek 3, Cocek 4, Cocek 5

Guitar lesson 3:

Cocek 6, Cocek 8, Devojacke suze - Z Starcevic, Forspil - Perica Jovanovic, Hora bucuresti - Ljubisa Pavkovic, Hora mortisor, Igra na zici - Z Starcevic

Guitar lesson 4:

Kolo 1 - Perica Jovanovic, Kolo 1, Kolo 2, Kolo 3, Kolo 4, Kolo 5, Kolo zadatak

Guitar lesson 5:

Krajinski dukat - Srdjan Demirovic, Lesnicke livadice - Z Starcevic, Ljubisin merak - Ljubisa Belkic, Mercedes kolo - Ljubisa Belkic, Moravac - 2 verzija, Moravac - Z Starcevic

Guitar lesson 6:

Nidzino kolo - Z Starcevic, Planinski vihor - Srdjan Demirovic, Podrinjska setnja - Z Starcevic, Polomka kolo, pratnja forspil 1, pratnja, forspil 2 (Ja znam - Dragana Mirkovic)

Guitar lesson 7:

pratnja forspil 3 (Kad bi znao kako ceznem - Dragana Mirkovic), pratnja forspil 4, pratnja forspil 5 (Zlata Petrovic - Zavede me majko,momak los), Rumenka kolo, Rumunska pesma - Z Starcevic, Sa sa - Z Starcevic

Guitar lesson 8:

Sanjino kolo - Zoran Vlajic, Sirtaki 1, Sirtaki 2, Sirtaki 3, Sirtaki , Sirtaki 5 - Zorba dance, Sirtaki 6

Guitar lesson 9:

Slavijanac kolo - Ljubisa Belkic, Stani stani Ibar vodo, Staro kolo, Teget kolo, Trapava mecka - Mile Paunovic, Trojanac kolo, Turski mars

Guitar lesson 10:

Uzicko kolo, Vasarsko kolo - Z Starcevic, Vlaske gajde - Z Starcevic, Vlaski zaplet - Srdjan Demirovic, Vlasko kolo Z Starcevic, Zeljkovo kolo - Z Starcevic, Zikino kolo - Radojka Zivkovic
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